The Canadian Biomaterials Society – Alberta Student Chapter (CBS-ASC) is a student group affiliated to the University of Alberta and operates under the direction of the parent organization, the Canadian Biomaterials Society. CBS-ASC endeavors to promote awareness of current biomaterials applied to human life research and technology within the student population in Alberta. The mission of the organization is not only to support and expand biomaterials research, but also to provide professional development and networking opportunities to students and faculty members involved in health and biomaterials field. We have a strong presence at the University of Alberta with over 250 registered members and our events typically attract graduate students and faculty members from the different background. Since 2012, we have been active by hosting technical seminars from prominent biomaterials researchers.


The objectives of the CBS-ASC are:

  • To encourage people to get involved in the biomaterials research as well as to promote collaborative work among members of the biomaterials community from different universities in Canada.
  • To provide a networking platform by organizing professional and social events that bring people from academia and industry together.
  • Last but not least, to support the activities of the CBS and to connect with other student chapters in Canada.